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Give Jeff Utecht’s recent post on Digital Literacy vs. Networked Literacy a read. His post got me thinking about the literacy development we seek for our students at ASFM and how our Online Literacy and recent work with Edu2.0 are seen by students, parents, teachers, administrators, board members, members of the community, members of the larger global educational community etc. We aspire to have our students leave ASFM as literate young men and women. Are we taking the right steps to actualize that goal?

Will Edu2.0 make you more literate or is using Edu2.0 (for example) a literacy in itself? What do you think?

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  1. IMHOH, wether it’s or SchoolWorld or StudyWiz, the tool is unimportant (to a degree).

    The skills both teachers and students acquire using the tools provides the framework for pedagogical shift everyone refers to as “disruptive”.

    Is a communication tool or a literacy tool? I believe it is both. I would also offer that it is a question of relevance.

    The approach of training teachers where to click is important, but only the first step in evolving any new technology into a tool of any pedagogical consequence.


  2. I agree completely. It’s not about the forum and form, rather it’s about the collaboration and shift of paradigm for the learning environment. My concern is that we are at the “add on” stage not the “replace” stage yet.

  3. i think that edu 2.0 is a literacy itself because it is complicated and it takes a actual class itself, Online literacy, to teach you how to use it. But it also has allot of assignments to make you more literate in the internet and i think that it is useful for the school and if your sick to help you at home. EDU 2.0 is amazing and great to have at school.

  4. I think that the edu2.0 is a good thing because then you can have some homework in the computer instead of just waisting the papers.

  5. I may not be a genius in this department, and I also may just be a “kid” but I think that its important, but not necessary.

    It gives us more information about certain things that we may not be able to learn/understand in class. As everyone knows, some students tend to goof of in class, and not pay attention. But if they use a program like Edu2.0 they can do it at their own pace, and have fun while doing it. It is not necessary because students may need their teacher to explain certain things to them… better than Edu2.0 can.

  6. Glad you like Edu2.0. It is interesting that you find it to be a literacy itself and a way to get work to you. Thanks for sharing.

  7. i think that it is good to use it but you do not need it to learn but it works when doing homework. i like it to because you don’t need to print it just type it and send it

  8. i think that edu2.0 is a good website and i think it is a good thing that we can use it and learn on it it helps us explore the internet and learn more about it. I think online literacy is a great class because it shows you that you can also use the internet for important things not just facebook etc. it is an important thing to have at school for the influenza and sick cases. it certainly makes us students more literate on the internet and different websites.

  9. I think that edu2.0 is very important in the school because it help you know your homework when you forgot to write it, it help you to communicate with your teachers, it help you when you are sick, to know what you have to do, and a lot of more things. I think that edu2.0 help you understand more the tools of the computer and the computer by itself.

  10. Hi everybody,
    I think that edu2.0 is a very advanced and great literature site because we can learn to be literate, in any computer and it will make us more literate. We can learn when were sick or when we can’t go to school. It also saves trees because we don’t have to use paper to do our homework, this page can help our learning and even the bad woodcutters to stop cutting trees. We have to continue, to save the world.
    Thanks, bye

  11. i think edu20 is a good site because you can use it and if you don not understand something you can go to edu20 and in there it can explain you more and you can do your homework there and its not that so boring.

  12. I think that Edu 2.0 is a very good website because it is a good way to do homework other than wasting paper. It is more organized and while people are doing it, they can have fun on other websites. Also, if people are not paying attention in class, it is a good way for them to understand it more and do it on their own pace. I think that, it WILL help us when we forget to write down our homework or when we don’t understand it.

  13. I think that edu2.0 is awesome will make me more literate because if you are sick at home and cannot come to school you can go on and check what you have for homework so you don’t get farther behind, but i think that we could live without it. It makes me more literate because it is difficult to figure out so when you do, you will always remember how to do it.

  14. I think that Edu 2.0 is a very good website because it can help you to work better and to not waste paper. Also i think that Edu 2.0 is a good website because if you do not understand the assignment you can ask a friend or send your teacher an e-mail. I think that online literacy is a very good class because the teachers teach you how to use the internet for useful things and not facebook and like that even thought facebook is cool 🙂 Also edu 2.0 is a good website because if school closes because of the influenza you can still do your work and if you are sick also, it can also help youto organize better and not loose papers.

  15. I think edu2.0 will help us get better because when somebody doesn’t understand the teacher can just tell him to check for it in edu2.0 at his/her own pace. And instead of wasting class time for the ones who do understand by repeating things over and over again. I do think that edu2.0 will make you better using electronic tools. Also it is great for people that are absent because they can get ahead or can keep doing the work as if they were in class but they can do it at home. You can also use it like msn or like hotmail or facebook because you can send inboxes and play around with other people that send you links to go to some certain page.

  16. Edu2.0 is helpful, even though there are some complicate things. But it helps us use the different computers and programs (apple, excel, powerpoint, etc.) We can explore the internet and realize the different things we can do with it (things that are legal) like finding the clue words to find a website, google docs, and other. With edu2.0 you can use for multiple things like homework, chat, friends and more. With out edu2.0 keeping track of your work would be much harder, with edu2.0 you have a great organization of which job to do first because of your calender, like that students can see what is close to be a NC or if they still have time. There is no excuse (unless an emergency happened) for a kid to not have his homework done.


  17. I think Edu 2.0 is a good website because you can see the same things that your teacher showed you and maybe you forgot about how to do it. Also if you are sick and can’t come to school you can check what they are doing at school while you are at home. You can also see when one of your assignment is graded and see what percent you got.

  18. I think that edu 2.0 is a great website and it is great because this way we can save trees and not waist paper because we do assignments in the computer insted of on paper. I think this will make me more literate because if for example school cancels because of the influenca teachers can send you homework through this website so that we don’t get behind on our school work. It is also a great way to communicate with teachers, students, ect. It is also a use full website if for example you forget to write down your homework you can just login into your username and check what is for homework.

  19. Sounds like you have a good understanding regarding the tools of the Internet. What do you use Google docs for?

  20. I think Edu2.0 is great because we don’t need to waste paper and we can do the work in the computers which is much faster

  21. I think that this class and edu 2.0 will help me in the future because when I am searching for a job or when I’m in college things will be a lot easier because I have already practiced with technology. I think we will become more literate.

  22. I think that edu2.0 is a literacy because you have to learn how to use it and you have to take a class just to learn how to use it.

  23. I think Edu20 will be a big advance in education and will help us become alot more literate, because its the first time we are using online schooling. So if a insident like influenza comes again we can still be studying and doing work.

  24. I think that you are taking the correct steps, becuase we are learning how to use the internet and in the future it might help us with projects in the internet. Also if something happens that you forgot your homework you already know how to get on and find it and do it. edu2.0 is a very good website since it is fast and gives a quick learning to learn school things and how to use the internet.

  25. Great to hear that you think we are taking the right steps. The Internet is not going anywhere, so we better learn how to use it and get our students prepared to be competitive in the global market place.

  26. I think edu2.0 will help me become more literate, because it will help me be able to use it easier, and know how to get my assignments easier (the more I practice with it and use it.) I also think that it will help me to scan text on the internet easier, and become a faster reader. I think that edu2.0 is important because if the school were to shut down again because of influenza, you could easily have class online, without postponing the education of students at ASFM.

  27. I think edu2.0 will help me become more literate, because it will help me be able to use it easier, and know how to get my assignments easier (the more I practice with it and use it.) I also think that it will help me to scan text on the internet easier, and become a faster reader.

  28. I think that edu2o will make us more lyterate because like when you are sick in home you can still do the work you need to do and thats great. so if you miss school you don’t have to do all the work you did when you come back you just go to edu2.o and do the work

  29. I think that edu2.0 is a literacy itself because it is very complicated and difficult to use, but at the same time it will make the students at ASFM more literate when in use of the internet. I think edu2.0 is very good for the students that are slow when they’re doing their work and it gives these students this advantage to take their time while working on an assignment. My point of view about edu2.0 is that it is great for working and will help the school a lot.

  30. I think using edu.2 is very good for us because we can learn different ways of doing homework and work. In another hand i think taking online litercy classes will help us in our future by knowing more things about litercy and know we will know more stuff about computers than others.

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  32. I think it is important becuase as many people have said it waists a lot of paper. Also because if you are sick or injured you can still do you homework without having to miss on everything or having to go to school for you homework.

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